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Help support the 2015 Asexuality SF UnConference and Pride Parade!

$1000 raised = Conference and Parade basic costs covered.

$1500 raised = Basic costs covered, plus free shirts for all attendees

$2500 raised = Basic costs and free shirts covered, plus free breakfast, more awareness materials, and you help fund our operations for the rest of the year!

Asexuality SF is gearing up for an exciting Pride this summer - and we're aiming to be bigger and better than ever!

On Saturday, we'll kick things off with a a full-fledged "UnConference" style conference in Berkeley, with a full day of attendee-inspired workshops on everything from ace representation in fiction, to asexual relationships, to how to host your very own asexual events. Then, on Sunday, we head over to San Francisco Pride to march across the city as we demonstrate our pride, spread awareness, and show off some sweet asexy dance moves!

We're gearing up for this to be the largest ever gathering of asexuals in California, but we can't do it without your help!

If we raise $1000, we can cover the base costs of the conference and the march, including parade registration, catering, printing, and materials costs (including sticker printing).

If we raise $1500, we can cover the conference and parade, plus we can provide t-shirts to all attendees completely free!

And if we raise $2500, we can not only cover the conference, shirts, and parade, we can also double our stock of awareness materials (including more unique stickers and handouts!) and provide free breakfast for the conference and snacks for the parade.

All surplus funds after the costs of the conference and parade have been paid off will go towards supporting the activities of Asexuality SF for the rest of the year, including webhosting fees, conference registrations, and printing costs.

You can also register for the conference and parade here!



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